Geos Meeting 2017 Ca' del Monte Contributions

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Ca' del Monte Observatory May 26-28

Links to contributions (registration requested)
A. Klotz : Binary candidates in RR Lyr stars observed with TAROTs
L. Corp : EE Cep eclipse in 2014 - an international campaign.
J.F. Le Borgne : The RR Lyr wiki
R. Auer : Introducing SIPS (Scientific Image Processing Software) for calibration
and doing astrometry and photometry.
M. Correa : Period calculation of NSVS 3200728
R. Boninsegna : Maxima of RR Lyr stars from the QES database
J. Fabregat : Photometric systems
J. Vandenbroere : Theory and observations of RR Lyr stars. Not available
L. Corp : Eclipsing binaries : my choices of observations
S. Ferrand : OP Her, observations anciennes du GEOS
F. Fumagalli : New variables discovered with Carona telescope(s)
R. Auer : Generating precise multicolour light curves in differential photometry
R. Boninsegna : An Excel programme for the determination of extrema. Not available
J. Fabregat : Recent multi-band observations of exoplanetary transits