Geos meeting 2014 is now running at Ca" del Monte


These are the participants:

Reinhold Auer
Roland Boninsegna
Laurent Corp
Mercedes Correa
Juan Fabregat

Stéphane Ferrand
Francesco Fumagalli
Jean-Francois Le Borgne
Raymonde Mat
Ramon Moliner
Anton Paschke
Ennio Poretti
Joseph Remis
Robert Uhlar
Jacqueline Vandenbroere
Josep M. Vilalta

The scientific programm is as follows :

Friday May 9

10.00   F. Barbaglia      -   Welcome and logistics
10.15   L. Corp           -   OO Aql
11.00   F. Fumagalli      -   New variable stars in Perseus
11.40   J. Fabregat      -   The quest for Maia stars

13.00   Lunch

15.00   J. Vandenbroere  -   The change in the periods  of galactic RRab stars
16.00   L. Corp and R. Boninsegna    -   An observing campaign on V729 Cyg

16.45   Break

17.15   J.F. Le Borgne and E. Poretti   -   RR Lyr observed with VTTs and Kepler ( MNRAS publication - Arxiv )

18.15   All        -  Discussion on the results shown today

Saturday  May 10

9.15   J. Fabregat     -    Astronomical spectroscopy with Amateur Equipment

10.30   Break

11.00   J.F. Le Borgne  -    Real-time demonstration on how to choose comparison stars
12.00   L. Corp         -    Interesting stars for future monitorings

13.00   Lunch

15.00   J.F. Le Borgne  -   New functions at the RR Lyr website
16.00   Open discussion on the methods to search for periods

16.45  Break

17.15  Time to be assigned

Sunday May 11

9.30-12.00      Administrative aspects of the GEOS